Radio Kinesonus on March 16, 2003

Today, I'd like to feature "Voice" in my performance. The voice is an ultimate acoustic musical instrument and we can't help to be conscious of our body strongly when we vocalize.

When I speak, shout or groan and so on the voice comes out from my body and returns to my inner side through my ears. The sound resounds in my body. It's very important to be conscious of this inner resonance. Because the resonance seems to reflect the another voice in my body.

If we compare the human body to the cave, this another voice's resonance may look like the resonsnce of the mystic ritual. The sound echoes to the universe.
- Hiroshi Hasegawa

As usual, my performance was to communicate with the electro-magnetic fields and horizons of various airwaves. Due to the mistake to connect the output of my own mixer to a vacant input of the main mixer, however, I had to puzzlingly pump up the full volume. The consequence was a tremendous distortions and totally unexpected noise sounds. Since I always insist in the live process of my performance, I will leave the recording as it is.
- Tetsuo Kogawa

The music that I selected for this broadcast was created either to support the visual narrative of a film, or in the case of the first piece, was generated from a performance by machinery.
The first track was called "LPT:1", by The User. The music is created by the sounds made by 12 dot-matrix printers. The printers are controlled by a computer so as to create a sophisticated musical composition from the sounds of the printer heads printing text on paper, and from the the sideways movement of the printer heads.
The second track was called "LinEar" by Semiconductor. Semiconductor are a Brighton-based duo in the UK who create music and videos. This track was composed to provide a soundtrack to a short film of the same name.
- Keith de Mendonca

In this project, I tried to use popular electronic devices in a different way that I haven't used before. The divices a re: Palm 3c, Palm HotSync connector, Midi cable, AKAI S20 sampler.
- Kenji Maehara