Radio Kinesonus on July 13, 2003

01:00 - 01:16 Hiroyoshi Osanai's sound-scape
01:18 - 02:16 Kenji Maehara's sampling
02:18 - 03:18 Hiroshi Hasegawa's sound performance
03:20 - 03:51 Tetsuo Kogawa's radio performance

Artists' Comments and live pictures

This performance has become two section configurations of the first half and the latter half. The first half stimulating the contact microphone directly by my hand, effect processes the sound which is expanded, the latter half installing that contact microphone in the violin, effect processes sound of the violin which is expanded. But, because sound of the violin is not well expanded, it is regrettable there is no difference of sound of the first half and the latter half.
-Hiroshi Hasegawa

This time, I used the stereo microphone to catch the sounds of my performance instead of the direct line input. Because I tried to mix the very feeble airwaves from six radio receivers. It was possible to connect each outputs of the receivers to the amplifier system, but I loved to show the atmosphere of live performance. This type of performance would be nice at a small space where the audience are surrounding me and radio sets. As H.M. Enzensberger said in his comment to Brecht, every radio receiver is in its structure a transmitter as well. They transmit very week airwaves. I was fascinated by what's happening more than I had expected.
- Tetsuo Kogawa

["Actions speak louder than words".]
- Kenji Maehara

["Actions speak louder than words".]
- Hiroyoshi Osanai