Radio Kinesonus on August 17, 2003

01:00 - 01:15 Hiroyoshi Osanai used various tools and sound objects.
01:15 - 02:00 Kenji Maehara improvised from his sound libraries.
02:00 - 02:16 Keith de Mendonca provided the file instead of his live presence.
02:17 - 03:16 Hiroshi Hasegawa used his favorite synthesizer.
03:16 - 03:47 Tetsuo Kogawa's tools were too simple.

Artists' Comments and live pictures

This performance is the collage work which by the sound material of the field reThe material of the field recording which this time I used, when summer of this year I do the Greek travelling, uses the sound material where I recorded at the I recorded the sound with the voice recorder which is internalized to the digitaBut, the sound where the sound quality is bad, and the just a little of the weird oscillating sound are very good feeling for me.
-Hiroshi Hasegawa

The point was that I tried to display various airwaves from medium to short to VHF frequencies by just changing receiver's dial according to my inner rhythm. Given the different and idiosyncratic circumstance of the airwaves at the time, the same performance and "tune" never happens. This is what I have been interested in airwaves. Always various noses come and receiving situation is changing along with my body movements and spacial conditions. The system was very simple (a radio receiver and an small effector) but I found the created sound very multitudinous.
- Tetsuo Kogawa

This piece is called "Grainstates - Bow Bells" and has been created entirely from processing a single 3 second sample of a bicycle bell. The piece was made to commemorate Kaffe Matthew's "Radio Cycles" radio project that took place in Bow, East London, during July 2003.
- Keith de Mendonca

I was very much into 'Tactile12000'. This is a free software of virtual DJ play such as on-vinile scratch and pitch shift using MP3 files. Espesialy, I love the sound of scratching. Every control can be by PC mouse and keybord. I have been collecting a lot of MP3 files and it is a surprise that many many free files and encoding softwares exist when I search mp3 files by Yahoo or Google.
- Kenji Maehara

No sound is available. Live only.

- Hiroyoshi Osanai