Radio Kinesonus on September 14, 2003

01:00 - 01:55 Kenji Maehara improvised with his computer.
01:57 - 02:14 Keith de Mendonca's telephone interview with Kaffe Matthews was replayed by the file he sent in advance.
2:15 - 2:41 Jacques Andre provided his sound performance via telephone from Brussels with the introduction by Jean-Paul Jacquet.
02:42 - 03:40 Hiroshi Hasegawa prepared everything in his computer.
03:41 - 04:05 Tetsuo Kogawa's sound/hands performance with transmitters and receivers.

Artists' Comments and live pictures

["Actions speak louder than words".]
-Hiroshi Hasegawa

I have been looking for the original text that Immanuel Kant allegedly said "Die Hand ist das auessere Gehirn des Menschen." (The hand is the outer brain of the human being.) Quite many people cited this word. But I was unable to find this even in his "Complete Works". Can anyone let me know?
- Tetsuo Kogawa

Jean-Paul's introduction      Jacques André 's play

I asked to Jacques André to perform because he plays with interference from air waves coming from his machines, like a theremin, he usualy used a big scale glove to interfered which is a copy of the hand of Mickey (white hand with 4 fingers). The glove in foam rubber gives him an aproximate disposal = low definition as you said, or a performance postulate. He also puts on his machines recycled textil fibre that gives the volume to our sofa, (you will find in attachment the picture) to another aleatoire approach.
- Jean-Paul Jacquet

["Actions speak louder than words".]
- Kenji Maehara

A telephone interview with the artist Kaffe Matthews, about the Radio Cycle project, the performance by Mimeo inside the Oscar Niemeyer pavilion in Hyde park,her cd entitled "Ebb + Flo" and about sonic furniture!
- Keith de Mendonca