Radio Kinesonus presents

A Happy Art's Birthday January 17, 2008 !

What is Art's Birthday? : Art's Birthday.Net     Main link:: Kunstradio

Part 1: 00:00-03:00am(JST)/15:00-18:00pm[January 16](GMT):
Virtual party (MC: Tetsuo Kogawa at Goethe Gallery Tokyo):
[MP3] Phone with Ralf Homann in Berlin
[MP3] Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier's "My loneliness is killing me"
[MP3] Phone with Jan in Leipzig
[MP3] Live from Brussels by Jacques Foschia
[MP3] Phone with Jacques
[MP3] Live from Atelier in Berlin by Ralf Homann
[MP3] Phone with Keith de Mendonca in Bangalore, India
[MP3] Soundscape by Keith de Mendonca
[MP3] Phone with Tonic Train (Knut Aufermann and Sarah Washington) in Germany
[MP3] Sound by Tonic Train
[MP3] Sounds from Mexico by neuroTransmitter (Angel Nevarez and Valerie Tevere)(New York)
[MP3] a recorded work by Anna Friz (Toronto).

Part 2: 13:00-14:00pm(JST)/04:00-05:00am(GMT):
Convivial Skype:
Illcommonz (Masahiro Oda) from Osaka (collaboration with remo et al.)

Part 3: 14:30-16:30pm(JST)/04:30-06:30am(GMT):
Non-stop DJ
[MP4] Tadashi Yabe (U.F.O.)

Part 4: 16:30-19:00pm(JST)/07:30-10:00am
Noise, noise and noise, but not always noise:
[MP4] à qui avec Gabriel     re
[MP4] ASTRO     re
[MP4] TOMO     re
[MP4] Reiko.A     re
[MP4] Kelly Churko     re      kinesonus