Tetsuo Kogawa's Writings

A Radioart Manifesto (2008)
Radio in the Chiasme (2004)
A Micro Radio Manifesto (2002-2003)
Mobile Phone and Electro-individualism in Japan (2001)
Two or three things that I know about the streaming media. (2000)
Minima Memoranda, a note on streaming media (1999)
Trash-art in the age of Digital Ash (1999)
The Global Transformation of Books and Reading (1998)
Video: The Access Media (1996)
Toward a Reality of Reference: The Image and the Era of Virtual Reality (1995)
The Electronic Body at the End of the State: Ethnicirty, National Identity, and the Japanese Emperor System (1994)
Free Radio in Japan: The Mini FM Boom (1993)
Toward Polymorphous Radio (1990)
New Trends in Japanese Popular Culture (1988)
Beyond Electronic Individualism (1984)
Japan as a Manipurated Society
Adorno's Strategy of "Hibernation" (1981) PDF
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All of the articles are free to use.
ButThe Global Transformation of Books and Reading was translated into English not by Tetsuo Kogawa but by Kenji Muro so that the translator would like to be informed (polym@translocal.jp).