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Documents of Web experiments:

  • Another Mosaic Party (November 25, 1994, Tokyo-U.S.A.-Canada) (HTML)

    Texts on Media by Tetsuo Kogawa:

  • Adorno's Strategy of "Hibernation" (1981, ASCII text, 25KB)
  • Japan as a Manipurated Society (1981, ASCII text, 12KB)
  • Beyond Electronic Individualism (1984, ASCII text, 19KB)
  • New Trends in Japanese Popular Culture (1988, ASCII text, 38KB)
  • Toward Polymorphous Radio (1990, ASCII text, 28KB)
  • The Electronic Body at the End of the State: Ethnicirty, National Identity, and the Japanese Emperor System (1994, ASCII text, 40KB)
  • Toward a Reality of Reference: The Image and the Era of Virtual Reality (1995, ASCII text, 25KB)
  • Video: The Access Media (1996, ASCII text, 31KB)

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