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Radio Kinesonus on January 17, 2004

Art's Birthday 2004 Special

Jacques Foschia (Brussels), Hiroshi Hasegawa, Kenji Maehara and Tetsuo Kogawa improvised together using telephone, internet, transmitters and various electronic devices from 23:00 to midnight of January 17.

January 17 is the anniversary of Radio Kinesonus and the Art's Birthday special. We have managed to keep challenging various experiments of radio art/performance since last year. Art's Birthday 2004 has been taking large steps toward more wider networking and more experimental technologies. Peter Courtemanche of Wester Front did an excellent job. As always, Elisabeth Zimmermann of Kunstradio in Vienna has been one of the strongest magnet of this event. We Radio Kinesonus members were encouraged by them and also have been trying to keep track of the basic idea that Robert Filliou initiated and then Hank Bull, Roberet Adrian and Heidi Grundman developed: translocal conviviality--I would say. (Tetsuo Kogawa)

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