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Radio Kinesonus on February 15, 2004

(Real)     Hiroshi Hasegawa, Kenji Maehara and Tetsuo Kogawa had a soundscape jam using their different sound sources. This was our new attempt.
(Real)     Keith de Mendonca, London, temporarily unavailable, left his pr-recorded file on played his CDs and talked.
(Real)     Tomoko Abe, a new comer, showed her sound performance piece using stereo microphones, camcorder only for sound, and chalk boards.
(Real)     Irvic d'Olivier, Antony Carcone, Etienne Noiseau and Jacques Foschia sent their group jam through telephone from Brussels. Jacques planed a monthly radio party for Kinesonus.
(Real)   Hiroshi Hasegawa manipulated his computer, special devices and microphone.
(Real)   Kenji Maehara prepared a lot of handmade devices and operated them along with effectors.
(Real)   Tetsuo Kogawa manipulated his handmade small transmitters that were, this time, for shortwaves.

Related Pictures

Kinesonus Soundscape Project: Hiroshi Hasegawa prepared the sounds in Kamakurako in Kanagawa prefecture.
Kinesonus Soundscape Project: Kenji Maeharam brought the sounds from Todabashi et al. in Saitama prefecture.
Kinesonus Soundscape Project: Tetsuo Kogawa set a transmitter at the building of Goethe Gallery Tokyo and received the signals by two receivers. They were supplied to the right and left channel of the mixer. Waving the receivers, the signals changed.

Keith de Mendonca had an interview with Tom Wallace of Resonance FM about "The London Wireless Soundscape Project . This bi-weekly radio show uses laptop computers to stream live sounds from around London to the studio, where they are mixed together and then are broadcast live on the radio - back over London.

Tomoko Abe in front of the microphone

Irvic d'Olivier, Antony Carcone, Etienne Noiseau and Jacques Foschia phoned in.

Hiroshi Hasegawa

Kenji Maehara

Tetsuo Kogawa