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Radio Kinesonus on April 11, 2004

Mukai Chie     (Real)
We have been familiar with her for a long time but is first invited to Kinesonus. She played her legendary Kokyu (a ancient Chinese violin).
Hiroshi Hasegawa     (Real)

Keith de Mendonca(London)     (Real)
Urban London soundscapes: the first part of the broadcast contains recordings of electromagnetic radiation - made by motors and signalling equipment whilst travelling on a variety of underground and overground trains.
The second part of the broadcast goes underwater - with hydrophone recordings made in the river Thames. There are tinny sounds of passing boat engines, as well as noises from the waves, and occasionally from people when the hydrophone surfaces.
Jacques Foschia (Brussels)     (Real)
He played his clarinet and other instruments while walking around the rooms. He made best use of the limitation of frequency bandwith of telephone. It was amaizing.
Tetsuo Kogawa     (Real)
The transmitters he used this time were only two sets that are ready-made. It was his tact to quickly prepare the system: he had been too busy in preparing the basic audio and streaming system and foods for all.
Tomoko Abe     (Real)
Collaboration: Mukai Chie, H. Hasegawa, T. Abe, and T. Kogawa     (Real)

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