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Radio Kinesonus on March 14, 2004

(Real)   Hiroshi Hasegawa's sounds were sometimes too beautiful.
(Real)     Takumi Fujimura and Sachiyo Saito gave a voice performance in collabolation.
(Real)     Torsten Rasch, as a guest, talked with Tetsuo Kogawa.
(Real)   Kenji Maehara was more DJ-like than in his recent works.
(Real)     Keith de Mendonca, London, talked and played his collections via telephone.
(Real)     Jaques Foschia, Brussels input their session into the telephone.
(Real)   Tetsuo Kogawa's struggle with electromagnetic phases went to more and more subtle.

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Torsten Rasch visited Radio Kinesonus. His new CD "Mein Herz Brennt" (DG 476117-0/DG 476-126-0, November 2003) has attained an international reputation.
Takumi Fujimura (composer) and Sachiyo Saito (movie creator & VJ) had an ensemble play that never seemed to collaborate for the first time.
Keith de Mendonca who came back from Sweden to London and wrote, "Stockholm snow: sound recordings made recently in Stockholm, Sweden. Snow crushed underfoot, cracking ice, bell chimes, and other signature sounds from the city all appear in this sequence of audio tracks, which become increasingly processed and abstract during the show."
Jacques Foschia in Brussels played his clarinet with Oliviertuba (tuba), Antony Carcone (guitar and various sounds).
Kenji Maehara is graduating from Tokyokeizai University soon.
Hiroshi Hasegawa has had more live sessions recently in Tokyo and Yokohama.
Tetsuo Kogawa had a chance to re-think about Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari. "'Qu'est-ce que la philosophie?' and 'Le Pli' inspire me a lot in creating sounds."

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