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Radio Kinesonus on June 13, 2004

Jacques Foschia (Brussels/phone-in) played in a limited square.     (Real)
Reiko.A used a special Theremin.     (Real)
Hiroshi Hasegawa used his vintage machine.     (Real)
Keith de Mendonca provided a sound of "The Hafler Trio" by the MP3 file and his text.
Yuichiro Ohmura was a guest artist tonight.     (Real)
Tetsuo Kogawa was so busy in managing that he used his simplest system.      (Real)
Collaboration: H. Hasegawa, Reiko.A, Y. Ohomura, and T. Kogawa     (Real)

The MP3/WAV files are available on demand. Please mail to us (

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Jacques Foschia
Hiroshi Hasegawa

I will not be able to talk live on the program today, so please read my text.

"Recently, I have been thinking about "The Hafler Trio": a very influential experimental sound group in the 80's & early 90's. They produced many excellent records and cds on the London "Touch" label, but then disapeared completely from view.

Apparently, the person who was behind the group, Andrew McKenzie, became very ill. He (only) recently has started work again, and is in London performing this month. I have created this 15 minute piece of music as a tribute to him and his work."

Here is a photo for the web site - a suitably obscure manipulation of a hand - to suit style of the hafler trio!

Keith de Mendonca
Yuichiro Ohmura
Tetsuo Kogawa

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