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Radio Kinesonus on October 17, 2004

Hiroshi Hasegawa continued his "vintage" synthesizer project.Jacques Foschia's piece "Entracte" was a solo by clarinet for telephone entrance. Keith de Mensonca interviewed Jem Finer who created the 1000 year music project ( Tomoko Iwashima used "Skype" for her minimal "soundscape" in her room. Tomoko Abe operated her taperecorder for the microphone. Tetsuo Kogawa played with the various airwaves that scattered in the room.

 Real files are audible
Hiroshi Hasegawa     Jacques Foschia(Brussels)     Keith de Mendonca(London)     Tomoko Iwashima(Vancouver)     Tomoko Abe     Tetsuo Kogawa   

URL: Hiroshi Hasegawa    Jacques Foschia    Keith de Mendonca    Tetsuo Kogawa