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Radio Kinesonus on November 13, 2004

Hiroshi Hasegawa and Tomoko Abe challenged their each experiment of performance very differently. They used microphon to catch their live sounds. Unfortunately, the microphone-PA system didn't work well and therefore both their sounds were not recorded. Only the listners and the face-to-face participants were able to observe and listen to their unique performance works. The sounds of Jacques, Keith and Tetsuo were directly connected to the system and were recorded.

pictures:   1     2     3     4     5     6     7    

pictures:   1     2     3     4     5    

Keith de Mendonca(London)     Jacques Foschia(Brussels)     Tetsuo Kogawa   

URL: Hiroshi Hasegawa    Jacques Foschia    Keith de Mendonca    Tetsuo Kogawa