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Radio Kinesonus on January 17, 2005
Special Program celebrating Art's Birthday 2005
in collaboration with KUNSTRADIO

3:00-6:00, January 17 (Tokyo time)    18:00 - 21:00, Janaury 16 (GMT)              pictures

00:00    Most of people arrived at the space and started setting up their sytems and instruments. In the course of time, many bottles of beer and a large variety of foods were displayed on the table. People stopped playing and tuning and started drinking and eating over talk. The party started. Sounds of the surroundings were broadcast. Our party grew hot.
03:00    Everything was so convivial that everybody were not ready for the actual take. Moreover, the recording system (HDD) was shut down---we realized after all the party finished. Most of the mp3 files listed here were recorded in London by Keith de Mensonca. He was great.
04:00     The free improvisation of Takumi Fujimura (piano), Takashi Hayashi(guitar), Masaya Kimura(sax & flute), and Shuma Iwasakai (base) was barely saved in the HDD.
04:20    Hiroshi Hasegawa
04:35    Masahiro Koyanagi
04:50    Tetsuo Kogawa
05:00     Keith de Mendonca created a piece based on the structure of Alvin Lucier's 1969 recording: "I am sitting in a room". He sang "happy birthday to you" in his studio, recorded the sound, then played the recording back into the same room and recorded that sound again. He repeated this procedure 32 times in total. The acoustic properties of the room increasingly colour the vocals, and then start to distort the sound, and finally render the original voice completely unrecognisable as the room resonates.
05:05     Masahiro Koyanagi used his guitar as a "percussion" or "drum".
05:10     Hiroshi Hasegawa(synthesizer)
05:15     Tetsuo Kogawa struggled hard with quite strong airwaves of "regular" radio stations and industorial "noises" for his 'airwave-scape'.
05:20     Takumi Fujimura, Takashi Hayashi, Masaya Kimura, Shuma Iwasakai
05:35     Jacques Foschia played via the phone by his vintage shortwave receivers with Mike Goyvaerts(cythar, toy piano & electronics)