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Radio Kinesonus on February 13, 2005

This year, Radio Kinesonus plans to make much of remote connection with not face-to-face participants on the net. In fact, Radio Kinesonus in the last two years used the net not exclusively as an unique catalyst. The net was a means to broadcast what's happening at the "studio" where the participants got together just as people did at a club and such venues. Our place would continue to be such a place but at the very moment of streaming Radio Kinesonus trys to be the motivating 'node' of the net connection. Of course, we had quite many experiments in Art's Birthday projects and other collaborations. But we do hope the Art's Birthday model would become always every month for us.
Tonight Jacques Foschia in Brussels sent their live sounds on the telephone as usual, Abinadi Meza temporarily in New York contributed his soundscape file, and Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier and pingfm team directly connected to the Kinesonus relay server. Hiroshi Hasegawa played his synthesizer performance and Tetsuo Kogawa showed his airwave-scape using transmitters and radio receivers.

Jacques Foschia(Clarinets)/ Georg Wissel(Saxes & preparations)/ Mike Goyvaerts(Percussions)/ Christoph Irmer(Violin)(Brussels)    
Abinadi Meza (New York)     Hiroshi Hasegawa    Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier/pingfm (Weimar)    Tetsuo Kogawa   

URL: Abinadi Meza    Jan Hendrik Brueggemeier    Hiroshi Hasegawa    Jacques Foschia    Keith de Mendonca    Tetsuo Kogawa